Tinder for music lovers

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I stumbled across this app today and being a fan (actually if I’m honest, hater) of Tinder, it struck me that this is genius idea. Why the hell didn’t I think of it?

Choosic is a music discovery app that recommends new music based on your personal preferences. One swipe at a time it learns more about the music you like. Currently Choosic aggregates music from over 600 tastemakers and music blogs (RB being one of them) before running it through a recommendation engine. I guess it’s a bit like the recommendations list on Soundcloud, but packaged nicely and much more fun to play with.

From my messing around with the app for an hour or so I’m super impressed with the content. I named about 10 genres from a choice of 44 and then was merrily swiping right like a crazed lunatic. If you’re into music discovery this is quick, easy way to finding new stuff you like. Download it now!

If only I had the same success on Tinder.

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