Men in Suits

men in suits

Last weekend, two of my friends from Sydney were having breakfast on Melbourne city’s famous cafe cul de sac, Degraves St. From out of nowhere, a legion of men wearing business suits stormed into the bustling lane bellowing, “Let me through! Oi, oi, move over!”

Only the men weren’t yelling. They were singing. In harmony.

My friends didn’t quite know what to make of this. When they got home and told me what they’d seen, we looked online to try to figure it all out. What we found was Men in Suits.

Men in Suits are a twenty-large choir of white, middle-aged men wearing suits who turn up at public Melbourne spaces unannounced, singing a-cappella covers and originals, satirically lamenting the mind-numbing mundanity of the corporate world — a world in which many of the vocalists are very familiar.

Let Me Through by Men in Suits

Their uncanny performance style have caused Men in Suits to be banned from various places; like Myer, where they lulled passing shoppers with their anti-consumer chant Buy More Stuff, during Christmas.

These dashing gentlemen supported violence against women when they were asked to perform at the Victorian Women’s Trust’s Be The Hero! Storming Against Violence forum.

According to their website, Men in Suits was conceived in 2007 as “a semi-clandestine gathering of mere males looking for an excuse to escape life’s routines one evening a week to sing.”

What more do you want, folks? These blokes are using music to do good for the world — in a novel, humorous and entertaining way — better than any of the latest batch of sparkly musical vagaries, most of which fizzle and sputter out by year’s end.

So lend them your ears!

Listen to Men in Suits’ latest album, We Are Here To Help You.

Like a-capella singing? Try out Melbourne quartet The Nymphs.

Words by Iain Excellent

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