MANDEK PENHA – Men Teach the Boiz (Gurlz Kiss the Boiz)


Hark! Bless this glorious day, for we are one day closer to reaching The Next Earthly Embodiment!

One third musical act, third performance art, third cult, Mandek Penha augments your reality with a commitment to artistic vision rivalled by very few musical acts on this planet. Let us begin our education with Men Teach the Boiz (Gurlz Kiss the Boiz).

MANDEK PENHA – Men Teach the Boiz (Gurlz Kiss the Boiz)

You can find this anomaly of a musical specimen on Mandek Penha’s only EP, Our Future: The Next Earthly Embodiment. The EP features three original tracks and one remix, fusing avante-garde pop (akin to John Maus) with unexpected bursts of puzzling, yet thrilling aural ultra-pop-ecstacy. While their live show is simply unmissable, no current shows have been advertised, though there is this recording…

MANDEK PENHA – Connection Through Love (live)

Mandek Penha and the Church of Sarrean Alignment are here to save you from the Hish’ry Cosh’ry, “the greatest source of Evil in the Universe… wield[ing] devastating negative energies and effects all living things on Earth.” If you’re keen on seeking South Sarra, the “sanctuary created for all Humans, exist[ing] on another plain, rotating alongside Earth,” then learn more about Mandek Penha on their bizarro website.

You don’t get much weirder than this, folks. So glad this band exists.

Get their EP here for $5.

Words by Iain Excellent

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