James Welsh – The Way

the way

Frankie Knuckles, the Godfather of house reckons ‘drums should be felt not heard.’  While I agree with him to a degree, I sometimes find house a little too formulaic. The 1-2-3-4 steady beat has me yawning and I find myself craving drops, breaks and filth.

But there are always exceptions to this rule. And that’s generally when track has more soul than the majority of its genre-mates.

Cue The Way from British producer, James Welsh. There’s no way you could tire of this. (Even though its been around for 7 months) Yes it’s structured as a house track, but the melody engages the mind and the husky vocals of Toni Braxton prevent it from escaping. A gorgeous mix of melancholic tones underpinned by a sexual yearning that just wasn’t present in the original shows the power of house as a genre and of Welsh as a producer.

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