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klpRepeat Button caught up with the talented KLP (aka Kristy Lee Peters) after her recent Triple J Unearthed win AND being announced as the most recent addition to the stellar line up at Field Day. With a finger in many a musical pie, here’s what makes this chick tick…. 

If you had to define your sound using only 3 adjectives what would they be?

Melodic, Electric, Pop

Congratulations on the Triple J Unearthed award! Down South has a pretty eclectic vibe to it. What was the inspiration behind it?

Thanks Jess! I wrote it on a plane back from Bali, I was told a story there of how when someone dies they don’t say they’ve passed – but they say they have gone ‘Down South’.

…and where exactly is “Down South”….? 

Ha ha, well, to me it’s not a real location/place, and I’m not talking of death in the track, but more about escape or getting away from everything.

How did the collaboration between you and What So Not come about?

The stuff I have written for them was done quite a while back. They just hit me up and asked me to try out some ideas. With the internet these days it’s so easy to shoot ideas all across the world until something works.

You’ve grown up producing music but obviously are amazingly vocally talented…if you had to pick one or the other as a favourite creative outlet, which would it be? SINGING! Hands down. It just feels so good to do. I was trying to describe the other day what it feels like: maybe it’s the muscles being massaged on your insides, or taking deep breaths – but no shit, sometimes singing gives me a major rush/drug-like high.

You’re playing at Field Day on New Years Day, what can we expect from your set?

Non stop sound… I am also a dj so I’ve recently taken a little more of a dj approach to the set as opposed to the stop/start of a band set up. I join the tracks together and trigger off a whole lot of samples.

If you had to listen to 3 tracks on repeat for the rest of your life what would they be?

Seriously how can I answer that!

Ok, here goes – I am going to change my mind in 5 minutes for sure…

The Beatles – ‘Because’

Sheryl Crow – ‘My Favourite Mistake’

Madonna – ‘Nothing Really Matters’

What’s on the cards for KLP in 2014?

Eating lots of pizza, drinking my weight in red wine and as a result writing a shit load of new music!

KLP (triple j Unearthed Field Day winner) plays Field Day 2013. Buy tickets here

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