Fate decides who you see at SXSW. Not your app, your relentless planning, excel print outs or anything else. So from the bands I was destined to see this year in Austin, these guys put on the best show.


BELIEVE THE HYPE. Jungle. Are. Awesome.

Those lucky enough to catch these guys live will discover they are in fact not a black guy duo, but white ass group of guys and girls. Slick and super cool, their performance at Hype Hotel was flawless.

The Kite String Tangle is going to be a very popular set of five syllables this year in Australia and beyond. This is one talented producer-come-vocalist. I’d only heard a couple of his tracks before seeing him perform as the sun set at SXSW. His voice blew me away.  The next Flume / Chet Faker. Yup.



Scuzzy punksters Diarrhea Planet will probably regret their name at some point in their career. Shit aside, they are a truly awesome band with massive, chunky guitars, super-mosh anthems, and killer lyrics….I really you were deeeeeead!


Super-mega-hipsters from Brooklyn Great Good Fine Ok played Maggie Mae’s Rooftop at the All Things Go / Indie Shuffle official showcase. Their blend of smiley synth-pop was even more fun live because of their completely ridiculous outfits. ATG and Indie Shuffle have impeccable taste. Joining the brightly dressed GGFO was Wolf Alice, Joywave and our friends from last year, Ghost Beach. YAY.

KAN WAKAN brought their striking blend of umm, how to describe this, their glorious cacophony of ideas and sounds  to The Cedar Street Courtyard – a place where you can bet your last taco you’ll discover a new band you love. They’re from LA and if you like your music a wiggle or so left of centre, go get lost in this…


This is what it sounds like when James Blake and Sigur Ros collide.  Icelandic singer-songwriter Àsgeir brought his delightful sounds to Rainey Street with a full band. Absolutely captivating.



Yeah I know Chet Faker isn’t exactly ‘buzz’ anymore, but if knickers could make a noise, I’m telling you there was an almighty hum coming from the pelvic area of the ladies in the room when the bearded button pusher played at the Future Classic Showcase. Everyone wanted a piece. A legend in the making.


Until March 2015…


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