Sofar Sounds in London

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When the media is a relentless assault on your emotions, a nagging reminder that the world is full of evil, it’s a welcome feeling to know there are still some good people in the world.

Enter Sofar Sounds. The company that organise intimate gigs in the living rooms of generous strangers in cities across the world. Sofar is about showing music some respect and enjoying a performace in silence, and befriending a stranger afterward. Sounds like a perfect night right? It was!

Last week I took a plus one to an address in Hackney and saw three acts perform in front of a crowd of cross-legged strangers sat like attentive school children on the floor. It was truly beautiful and made me smile in that rare way when you can feel your insides smile too.

Bec Sandridge shone that night; a shy star with a delicate but powerful light. Aussie-born but Glasgow-bound, this fresh young artist had decided to make the UK home in her quest to make beautiful music. If fairies and pixies were real, and if fairies and pixies could sing, they would I imagine sound very much like Bec. Her voice flutters, dips and peaks like a butterfly dancing with flowers. She’s hitting the road soon so like her on FB to find out when she’s playing.

If you’d like a magical night with Sofar Sounds register for tickets on their site and you check out their video footage too.

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