RB 2014 watchlist SQ

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There are of course hundreds of acts that are going places this year, but we reckon these guys are gonna stand out…
IYES: Brighton’s way more exciting answer to the xx.

BANKS: the American girl the producers wanna work with.

SOHN: dark, disturbing and gaining momentum like a wheel on a hill.

CHARLOTTE OC: she’s fit and has the voice equivalent  of an olympic ballerina (if there is such a thing). This chick has it ALL.

FKA TWIGS: she makes awesome experimental beats, but she also looks freaky as hell, which probably contributes to her growing notoriety.

DIGITAL FARM ANIMALS: m83 meets Disclosure.

THE KITE STRING TANGLE: another amazing Aussie producer? Starting to think this nation are better at music than sport.

BIPOLAR SUNSHINE: if only all of the yoof of today thought like this London artist.

OSCAR KEY SUNG: he’s been kicking the Aussie scene in various guises, but 2014 is gonna be his year.

JUNGLE: sublime duo from London.

VANCE JOY: the folk act of the year.

Listen to the playlist:

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