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Watching Aussie trio Movement on Monday night at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch I wished I was in bed instead – not because I was bored, but because it was so damn sexy.

Lewis seduces the mic and his audience with abandon that’s impossible to look away from. He’s not overtly confident, but there’s something about his delivery that speaks of self-assurance. Something about the slow way he moves his hands that make you think there’s an invisible girl in front of him. But this is a guy who is genuinely grateful to be on stage in front of very eager British crowd. There are no egos among these guys.

‘We’re so happy to be here all the way from a small part of Sydney’ said Lewis and Jesse on the bass backed him up. And the way his eyes twinkled at the audience, it was obvious he was telling the truth.

Online, Lewis’ husky voice is good, but live it’s quite overwhelming. It reels rough, rugged maybe; unpolished, but in the way that a kitchen table in a farm house is so much better with a thousand wine stains on it. Coupled with the low down bass grooves (Sean even gets down on knees and plays bass to Lewis like he’s begging for more) these Sydney boys are so freaking good at fusing, your body has no choice but to move.

As they play Ivory, Jesse whose been manning the drum machine until now, grabs a guitar and wails out a solo at the front of the stage. They do Chaka Khan proud with a cover of Ain’t Nobody and even get the crowd to join in singing with Us. The sultry, rolling waves of Lust play and suddenly the young crowd seem to morph into couples. Everyone is touching.

Considering Australia’s solid electronic music scene, the bands signing with Modular, and just how good they’ve become since their first ever track (we supported back in 2012 before the Modular days!) Feel Real, it would seem there’s a lot more sexy time to come for these boys…

(Perhaps some visuals to compliment their soulful vibe? The Ace Hotel had the lighting all wrong at this show by nearly inducing the audience with epileptic fits. There’s a time and a place for strobes, and Movement’s show is not it!)






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