Motorik presents Wordlife, Light Year, Finger Prince & Generik


When I wrote a review of Wordlife’s, Vision a few weeks ago I had no idea that I was actually looking into a crystal ball instead of describing a bizarrely twisted scenario at the centre of my day dreams, aaaaaas per usual.

On Friday night Motorik hosted an event to launch Wordlife’s EP; Vision and to showcase the talent of some of the other shit hot artists in the Motorik family. The gig was held at Satan’s above ground residence, the notoriously filthy but none the less loved Club 77 and was every bit as dirty, dark and debaucherous as I’d imagined. Turns out…POOOOOOF! I can predict the future because true to form there was definitely sweat dripping from the black walls (though notably the 70’s porn wallpaper has disappeared!), splaying bursts of flame as the souls of fans spontaneously exploded and, I assume, many a cocaine smeared breast wandering around.

With Wordlife, Light Year, Finger Prince, Jensen Interceptor, Generik, Charlie Chux and  Cosmonaut61 busting out banging deep techno from 10pm til the bitter hour of 6am there wasn’t a dry body in the house. The dance floor was a hot mess of writhing bodies, misaligned jaws, and candy raver bracelets all tarnished with malevolence.

As if the all star DJ line up wasn’t enough to whip the untz-heads into a frenzy the night was also blessed with surprise appearances from French Techno royalty Brodinski and Gesaffelstein. Even Aussie techno heavyweight, Kim from the Presets was spotted getting down amongst the crowd.

Judging by the amount of shiny eyes and floor fisting going on in all corners of 77 the night of wicked indulgence was enjoyed by all, leaving it appropriately pegged as one of the best parties of 2012.

Bless your sherbet filled socks Motorik.

 Pictures courtesy of Motorik. Here.

Words – The Other Jess

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