Moderat Live at Koko in London



Photo by Michal Murawski

After an absence in London live scene for nearly 5 years, the Moderat story started a new chapter in Koko on Tuesday.  Collectively the trio stand for what is right and what is good with electronic music today. One part classic German EDM from Modesektor, one part vocal ambience from Apparat, their mournful, downtempo techno with an intelligent twist went down very well with the sold-out midweek crowd.

They are about 30 mins late but once they drop the first few bars of their set all is forgiven. After playing A New Error, Sascha Ring aka Apparat – introduces the band in a chirpy talking voice and apologises for being late.  On stage they are masculine, mechanical, precise, yet they posses a certain warmth which goes some way to explain why their fans love them so much- Koko is bursting at the seams with a special breed of fan; everyone is totally focused on this perfect mix of musical minds, no talking, no distractions.  Apart from the visuals, but the distraction they provide only enhances what you’re hearing, making the Moderat live experience all the more intense. A mix of animated album art work making grand political statements, and intense light shows unfold behind the boys as they play a set of tracks from both albums. The crowd let out whoops of joy the moment they hear the first note of the next track – these people worship Moderat.

Watching electronic acts who don’t bring live percussion to the stage can more times than not be dull and uneventful, but Moderat are true masters of their game and they bring to the stage an unexplainable mystique and intelligence that makes their on stage story completely and utterly compelling.

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