Red Bull Music Academy Presents Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X


They say once you go black you don’t go back; after seeing Jesse Boykins III at Red Bull Music Academy Presents, I know I’d be in agreement, had I been given the opportunity to take this fine specimen of a man (and a musician) back to mine- sigh.

Last night, the Red Bull headquarters in Alexandria were transformed into a New York suburb, complete with neon lights, skyline, hot dogs and pretzels, lashings of booze and a very stylish crowd.

Jesse took to the stage with fellow American, MeLo-X at around 10pm, when the crowd had been warmed up by good tunes and plenty of vodka-red-bull cocktails, and instantly won their hearts. Energy leaps from Jesse’s limbs (and ‘fro), like sparks flying from hot metal. He can do some mad shit with his body, and as for his voice? It’s faultless – not something many artists pull off live. On their first Australian tour, the boys were showcasing their new album, Zulu Guru, out now on Ninja Tune. I’m a hard one to convince when it comes to this new wave of RnB / hip-hop too; I’ve never liked RnB and rap, I only dig left field hip-hop and I’m about as gangster as your nan. Despite these facts, I was totally down with Jesse Boykins III and Melo-X’s music. Massive thanks to Red Bull Music Academy for an awesome night!

Photos by Andy Green/Red Bull Content Pool

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