If you’re digging Flume’s album, check out these Aussie producers too…


Today finally sees the release of the highly anticipated album from Sydney’s Flume; aka Harley Streten.  The past 12 months have seen this 21 year old go from struggling to land a gig, to being on every festival line up going. How has he done it? A refined mix of talent, personality (and looks) and a stellar label to back him; Future Classic is nearly 10 years old and is arguably Oz’s finest label. Harley’s success is accountable to a very specific skill; his ability to create sounds which appeal to both national radio audiences, and the more discerning listener.  While the latter may tire more quickly of the album, their appreciation is undeniable.  For the moment, he is everyone’s favourite, and he deserves it. But as his album cooks up a slew of smoking hot reviews, don’t forget there are many other Aussie electronic producers worthy of your ears.


Thrupence, a 21 year old producer from Melbourne…


The most excellent producer and remix wizard from Sydney, Ta-ku


The tropical sounds of Fishing, from Sydney


The well established and respected duo, Bon Chat Bon Rat from Sydney


Blissed out beats from Outerwaves of Brisbane


And representing both Western Oz and the girls, Catlips from Perth

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