Fat Freddy’s Drop Live @ Rough Trade East



Some pretty rare shit went down at Rough Trade East in London when Fat Freddy’s Drop played last week.

A couple of hundred Freddy fans were treated to an intimate in-store show promoting their new and very excellent album, Blackbird.

The boys kicked off their 50 minute set with with a big rumbling bass line; no brass, no vocals, just big, bad ass bass. And something happened which I could not believe. EVERYONE in the crowd was dancing, and the crowd was just about the most eclectic group of people I’ve seen at a gig. From squealing teenage girls to balding grandads with no rhythm, everyone came to see Freddy.  It normally takes an audience a good few tracks to start to move – if they dare at all! But from the very first beat those Kiwi boys dropped, there was not a single set of stationary hips or feet.  And as the layers of percussion, brass, and guitars were added, the crowd became more and more lively. When Joe Dukie opened his mouth to treat us to his sultry tones, the bopping crowd let out some woos of appreciation, hands in the air, smiles on faces. We felt special.

What we witnessed that night was not a recital of Blackbird. Nope, we were privy to something far more exceptional.  It felt like we were in one of the band members garages, watching them jam, experiment with their sounds, seeing where the journey leads. As if witnessing talent like this unfold around you wasn’t enough, trombonist (exhibitionist) Tony Chang, let us see his sex face. Obviously I can’t be totally sure, but I’d put money on that man’s O face being very close to his I’m-lost-in-music face. He was dancing around the stage like a man 30 years his junior, and indeed 30kilos lighter. What a legend!

After the show the boys were nice enough to stick around for photos, album signings and plenty of sweaty hugs.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of Fat Freddy’s Drop live, I cannot recommend them enough. If you have, you’ll probably know they’re back in London on October 5th to play the Brixton Academy. I’m so there! Tickets here.

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