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Repeat Button recently had a chat to Cosmo Liney; one half of Sydney duo Cosmo’s Midnight, about jelly wrestling, dolphins, tits and their dream collaborations.

RB: I just found out the other day that you guys are from Petersham? Have you ever been to see the jelly wrestling at the Oxford Tavern?

CM: Hahah no I haven’t been and they’re actually closing it down soon, so…

RB: So… impromptu Cosmos Midnight parties there then?

CM: Sadly no.

RB: What do you guys do when you’re not making music? Do you work?

CM: No, we’re both studying Arts at Sydney Uni so other than that the music keeps us busy.

RB: It’s been a pretty whirlwind year for Cosmo’s Midnight…how was your last tour? The Dofflin Tour?

CM: It went really well. We had a show in Melbourne with Wave Racer at (Liberty City a small-ish club which is about the equivalent of Good God. Then also shows in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. Overall the turn out was really good and the whole thing was very positive. It was especially interesting going to other cities where we weren’t really sure how well our music would be received. We know we have a really good fan base in Sydney but were thrilled to find that actually at the shows all over the country there was a lot of support.

RB: Do you feel like each different city has a unique musical landscape and that musical tastes are evolving at a different pace?

Definitely.  It’s quite different in each city, with the exception of Sydney and Melbourne who are kind of on the same wavelength. Brisbane has a quite a bit of catching up to do, they’re still very band orientated and the electronic thing hasn’t really taken off so much. But I feel like Sydney is definitely the most forward thinking and innovative in terms of music at the moment.

I heard that on tour in Adelaide you had your first boob flash from a fan. How was that?

CM: Yeh it was one of our first shows of the tour actually, it was the first time we’d ever gotten on a plane and then that happened! And now we sort of hope for at least one boob flash in every city!

RB: I wouldn’t really expect that Cosmos Midnight is really tits out kind of music!?

CM: I know…we were playing stuff from our EP, which was very chilled as well so it was pretty surprising.

RB: Congratulations on being announced to play at Field Day 2014, will that be your biggest show to date?

CM: Well, we opened at Listen Out festival this year but Field Day is a later time slot so yes. I to Field Day last  year and absolutely loved it, it was my favourite festival that happened within Sydney if that makes sense? I know there’s a few other Sydney based festivals but Field Day has a different vibe to it and the line up is amazing..I cant wait to see A$AP (Rocky) I’m really excited about it…

RB: How do you guys get ready to perform live?

CM: We spend a lot of time actually preparing our music for performances, so its all broken down a lot. Basically there’s the beat, drums, bass and chords and I control those aspects of it and the backing track and Pat plays all the extra bits and pieces on the keyboard and the extra cords. We don’t really rehearse, instead we just refresh a few days before we play. We do change things up a little for every show but not heaps, there’s a bit of a routine to it now.

RB: Do you have any pre show superstitions? 

CM: We do have a few superstitions around getting into the perfect mood before we play. I try to get to the right level of drunk so I have 2.5 beers and then stop until after we’ve played when obviously…well, I just carry on…. 

RB: In the future, where do you see your music moving to? Will you keep making music with the same sort of tempo and vibe or will you diversify?

CM: We always just try and go with what we’re inspired by at the time. We also try to stay aware of what other artists are making and pick up on sounds that are very similar to the Cosmos Midnight sound but from other genres… so we keep our own sound but spread it through a few different genres.

RB: The Dofflin has been emblematic for Cosmo’s Midnight with the pervasive Dolphin picture showing up everywhere, how did that come about?

CM: I don’t know it was sort of organic…we were hanging out with Wave Racer a lot and for some reason we got a weird obsession with dolphins which then turned into MS Paint drawings and we decided it was funnier to rename it a Dofflin. I guess it was a joke because we don’t take song names very seriously really.

RB: You and Pat are twins, how do you sort out your creative differences? Are there arguments?

CM: Usually we’re pretty agreeable in terms of what our style is and what we want with our music. It also works really well because we can give honest feedback about what sounds good and bad. We’re not afraid to say something sounds shit.  Being polite just gets in the way really.  The bad thing about collaborating with other artists is that you’re sometimes too polite to tell them that you don’t actually like something. 

RB: You have an older brother right? And he’s the reason that you got into music?

CM: Yeh, back in year 10 he got a ripped version of Ableton just to DJ and then Pat downloaded it too. We started off attempting to remake whatever we were listening to; so Breakbot or Justice or Deadmaus and then as we kept going we started to forge our own sound. 

RB: What are you listening to at the moment?

CM: So much stuff, (opens i-tunes)…. At the moment a lot of Bass music, and also Trap…not Trap but half time Trap….so like Rustie, that sort of sound. And also a genre of music called Duke which is really fast. Then there’s Danny Brown, Lapalux…

RB: How do you feel about this new style of collaboration that has come about between unexpected artists…for example: Danny Brown & Purity Ring?

CM: I love it…that’s exactly what I want to be doing in the future…to have an established sound, which then becomes a commodity that another artist desires to have as a part of their albums.  That’s definitely what we’re aiming for!

Bring in the New Year with Cosmo’s Midgnight! They’re playing at the infamous Field Day on January, 1st 2014. Tickets here!


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