Aussie bands the other hemispheres should know about


As a temporary Sydneyite, these bands have been on my high rotation list for a while. They should be on yours too.


Never a dull moment listening to Boulet. We Keep The Beat, Found The Sound, See The Need, Start The Heart, is a solo album, yet it sounds like 20 musicians are belting their hearts out. With enough percussion to shake a house down, Boulet’s love of drums is clear. It’s a mash up of noise and sounds; but this beardy dude is multi-instrumentalist with a huge imagination so I wouldn’t expect any less.  Hectic, not scattered, crazy not demented, his second solo album really is an exceptional work of art, if you can get past the ridiculous title, and I suggest you do!


Surely everyone should know who these guys are by now? Picking up where The Beatles left off, in a yellow submarine with a family of walrus’ on board kind of way. The new album, Lonerism, is musical escapism on a cosmic level. It is quite simply a psychedelic gem of immeasurable value.  There is no other band that sound like Tame Impala right now.  Truly niche, their music is full of textures and layers that tangle your mind into musical knots, only to find them all unravel moments later. Stream the whole album via The Guardian.


It’s bright green, bitter-sweet, refreshing and more unusual than blackcurrant.  It’s all true; apart from the green thing. These boys certainly are kooky, and offer the listener something more than your average indie band.  They would have been the cheeky as hell at school, and haven’t strayed from this trait as adults. Their songs are quirky without sounding naff, and peculiar but not thrown together in some mish-fashion.



As the name suggests, they’re a quirky bunch. Take yourself on a journey through a weird and wacky wonderland with 6 Sydney lads providing the soundtrack. Very trippy but strangely relaxing, Richard In Your Mind, are extreme experimentalists. Which is why I love them.



Betraying their name with soaring melodies and thought provoking lyrics, Winter People are a wonder of warmth to listen to.  Carving an Arcade Fire shape hole in the Aussie music scene – but with all their own tools – they are a force of indie-folk to behold in 2012.  With so many string instruments in their line up, it’s impossible to brush off the goose bumps.



It’s been a whirlwind year for these guys, who surfaced on Triple J Unearthed (an unsigned radio station) and bowled the country over with their lo-fi and raw single, Lay It Down. Since then, they’ve sold out shows across the country and recorded their debut album. It’s a coming of age album, but that’s exactly where these boys are in life.  They’re pretty cute too.


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