Yinyues – Gaws


In a world full of musical uncertainty, ambiguity is rife and rules and boundaries are far and few in between. Amongst all of that messiness though, there remains one certainty; never fuck with Bon Iver. And moreover, never ever fuck with Biggy.

Enter Yinyues, (aka Davanan Vadivelu) a normal 19 year old university student from the UK who has modestly acquired an incredible flair for remixing iconic tracks with a finesse that leaves them just perfectly so. That talent stems from his ability to interpret how far music can be pushed and pulled in its reshaping, applying a different formula to remixing than most. Instead of simply taking 2 tracks and trying to messily shove them together or jamming in an excess of cow bells, weighty synths or redundant sausage fattener bass he honours the original by isolating its points of beauty, bringing them sharply into focus and simply letting the excess melt away. Gaws is quintessentially Yinyues, the hollowed out Bon Iver sample winds underneath a sparsely minimal, low tempo beat resulting in the classic hazy ambience that has become synonymous with Yinyues’ mixes.

Proving that his elegant application of talent is legitimate Yinyues’ spectrum of remixes is broad; from Bon Iver to Biggy, through Iggy Azalea and Clark Kent.

The world needs more creative, resourceful and thoughtful producers like Yinyues. Download most of his tracks for free here and watch him lull the world into a fuzzy state of low-fi pleasure.

Words – The Other Jess

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