Toyboy & Robin – Jaded (Amtrac Remix)


A few weeks ago I went absolutely beserk, morphed into my glitter pant wearing, teeth gnashing, tequila slurping alter ego and lost my mind, inhibitions and phone at a gay club.

Jaded, brings those memories in all their gritty glory crashing back into my skull with full intensity.

Other than that, if you need a little help getting into the party spirit or just want to dance around in your undies all afternoon then this is your tune, and, Toyboy & Robin are your boys. From London, the duo Toyin Mustapha & Rob Drake are earning a name for themselves due to their skills in weaving house and bass sounds through a wide range of peaking pop anthems.

Jaded has been remixed by Amtrac, a young Kentucky based producer who is also skilled at inhabiting his audiences minds and bodies through his music; combining rhythmic bass, sweeping vocals and melodic synths that wind around each other to produce a poignant euphoria.

You can download a few of Toyboy & Robin’s remixes and original tracks via sound cloud for free. Here.

Words – The Other Jess

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