Super Magic Hats – Wind (Flash Forest Remix)


In some sort of musical divine intervention the two artists; Super Magic Hats and Flash Forest collaborate to give us a remix of Wind. Flash Forest was an integral part of the creation of Mammals, Move Slower and  now is responsible for the remix of Wind. The mix is perfectly balanced, complimenting both the original track and the skills of Flash Forest as a producer.

Also known as Sam Mcguire, Flash Forest is from Melbourne and is best known for his lush electronica hip-hop infused remixes. Blessed with a whole lot of foresight and the ability to seamlessly marry genres and sounds in such am extremely pleasurable way, I peg Flash as a producer to watch in 2013.

With its blissfully chilled, electronic ambiguity it’s the kind of track that has you teetering on the edge of temptation…just add ciders, laughs and a warm sunny afternoon.

Download for free here.

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