Shloh It Down – The Sexiest Shlohmo Remixes


Shlohmo – aka Henry Laufer – is not only a beat junkie, but an alchemist. Not just because he can turn any track into something obscurely beautiful, but because he holds such enchanting power over his bedroom tools; his crackling, woozy, lo-fi sounds are unmistakable. His original track, Seriously, has paved the way for many of his amazing remixes.

However you interpret his sounds – abstract hip-hop from a different world, experiments with technology, or deep and meaningful beats constructed to send you into a meditative state – one thing is clear; Shlohmo is a pioneer, changing the way we consume electronic music. There are producers out there copying his crunchy style, but us Shlohmo-ites know he was the first to cast his magic spells over high hats and drums.

From the never ending ways of creating beats, he has come up with a formula as reliable as e=mc2. Those processed closed high hats, deep bass lines and crisp effects work in unison, producing some of the smoothest, sexiest and bizarrely textured, left-field hip hop around. Alongside Clams Casino, Shlohmo has won a solid place in my erotic playlist. Incidentally, I reckon Mr Laufer would be a pretty epic lover; any man that can make a girl’s knickers wet without even touching her must be right?

Yeah he’s pretty good at the gangsta remixes, but it’s these slow, beautiful ones that hook me in…

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  1. love these tracks. great feature!

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