Pleasurekraft – Tarantula (Nathaniel Garry remix)


Carnal pleasure at its finest this re-rub of Pleasurekraft’s well loved tech-house track, Tarantula hangs so thickly in the air that you almost choke on it.  Nathaniel Garry goes straight for the throat ramming Tarantula full of filthy, guttural bass, dragging it through some absurdly sinister depth til its fleshed out raw and leaves you practically clawing the walls. Notorious for producing tracks that are, at times, morbidly dark or particularly nefarious Garry’s music is riddled with obstinate passion and slanted with foresight.

Originally from Sydney, Nathaniel Garry is a young producer who has spent the last 2 years in London, finding inspiration, honing his skills and falling deeper in love with techno. With a sound that is heavily steeped in a sadistic charm Garry’s ‘go deep or get fucked’ approach is reminiscent of the sounds coming from the Techno heavyweights (Gesaffelstein & Brodinski) and Aussie Techno family,  Motorik at the moment. Almost perfectly timed with Australia’s emergent desire for exposure to music that resonates with originality, depth and integrity Garry is due back in Sydney in late July, and hopefully playing in a cavernous venue near you.

Til then you can download his tunes (and your 6am bender soundtrack) for free, here.

Words – The Other Jess

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