Lana Del Rey – Ride (MJ Cole Remix)


If there was ever a good time to test out the theory that opposites attract it would be now, with MJ Cole’s unexpected remix of Lana Del Rey’s, Ride.

Lana Del Rey is well known for her pop-esque, paradise flavoured tunes while MJ Cole, is… well, he’s an English Garage House DJ ain’t he? There’s multiple remixes of Ride cutting around but Cole takes the most risks in his execution. Apart from the general juxtaposition of their two styles of music Cole hears Del Rey’s slightly melancholic tone in Ride and instead of perpetuating it jams his fingers into her sepia-toned world and sets her fairy floss beehive on fire. Cole sugar coats the haunting vocals by inserting a boppy melody and heavier bass line. The result is a Lana Del Rey track that’s actually dance floor friendly and leaves you wearing a smile rather than a deeply pensive expression.

Words – The Other Jess

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