James Blake – Overgrown (Infuze Remix)


On paper, this just doesn’t work. Water and oil. Chalk and cheese. Dogs and cats. You get my drift.

But out there in the world of sonic vibrations and air pressure, well that’s another story.

A New York producer (with a crazy imagination and progressive set of ears) going by the name of Infuze, has some interesting vantage points on James Blake. And genres in general, actually. I was pretty sure trance was dead. It’s been good 13 years since I was into Binary Finery and other such ‘euphoric’ acts. Before hearing this remix of Overgrown, I would have put a weeks wages on a James Blake trance remix NEVER raising its head. Make that a month’s wage on a trance-trap mash up!

Infuze, I don’t know who you are, but I like your way of thinking! My body and mind are torn over whether to throw my hands in the air in ecstasy fulled elation, or to get fucken low with my guns out!? Infuze fuses two mismatched styles (and wildly different sets of BPMs) together like pouring milk into a cuppa. It just works.

I’m not sure what Mr Blake will make of this. But it’s under my skin….and making me want to dig out my 99′ Summer of Trace compilation.


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