Hatch – What You Need


Casually evocative and thoughtfully layered, Hatch’s sound slides around the genre spectrum incorporating elements of House and Disco and most interestingly a bunch of perfectly infused Classical influences.

It all makes sense when you uncover the depth of Hatch’s musical knowledge and skill though.  Pointedly there’s a few magical reworks rolling around the internet in which Jerry Gorman seamlessly delivers tracks (namely Sundream by Rufus) by playing a combination of drums, violin and piano himself.

In a time where insatiable creative genius, classical and instrumental indentation and a diverse sonic landscape is most valued Hatch will slide effortlessly into the fold. His astute manual dexterity and musical articulation grouping him stylistically in the same realm as sophisticated and innovative producers like Bonobo, Disclosure, TEEBS and Flume.

You can download Hatch’s first 2 tracks for free here.

Words – The Other Jess

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