FUKKK OFFF – 24 7(NONSTOP) – Modek Remix


Compilation albums have come a long way since the birth of Now That’s What I Call Music in 1983. If you’re reading this I imagine you’d feel happier if the titles of those albums were something more like, Now That’s What I Call Bollocks. 

Maybe this release from Police Records will be more to your liking – if raving is your thing. Oh My God It’s Techno Music – due out on June 17th – leaves no room for wondering what to expect. OMGIT records are apparently reigniting the club scene in Germany which was apparently ‘bogged down by minimal’. Yar. Minimal is great when made well, and in small doses. Otherwise it’s just yaaaawn.

There’s no messing with this Modex remix once it drops. But I’d rather the first 40 seconds fukkked offf. It’s a little annoying.  Worth pervesvering because the track does get nasty. Real nasty. In fact I am stabbing at my Mac so hard as I type and listen, I fear I may punch holes through it.

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