Fix You – Coldplay (Insightful Fondle)


Most, if not all, shrewd music bods will slag off Coldplay, and call Chris Martin all manner of four letter, unsavoury words. BUT, I’ve seen a few re-jigs of Coldplay tracks floating around the interwebs lately and reckon there might be some kind of love-revival going on. Insightful, an American producer, likes Fix You, enough to not only give it a good fondle (his words), but to leave Chris Martin’s voice pretty much untouched; an usual tack in the current trend of pitching the buggery out of vocals.

I’ve said before that Insightful’s stuff has a kind of spiritual force behind it and at 3 minutes into this track you’ll see, and feel what I mean. Such powerful sounds, and all from one person. Fix You now has a Lapalux vibe to it, and that’s one of the best vibes going.

You don’t need to be embarrassed to say you like Coldplay anymore. Download this, and revel in its profound, glitchy glory.


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