Fatboy Slim – Praise You (Maribou State Remix)


Throughout the duration of Fatboy Slim’s illustrious career, everyone but the family cat has served up his or her reinterpretation of any number of his decade spanning anthems. However, to remix a Norman Cook production and for it to be considered even a minor success takes an abundance of skill.

Praise You in its own right is an absolute blinder of a track, built into the very essence and fibre of the word ‘anthemic’. This alternative from Maribou State, builds on that already legendary status, producing something that is so incredibly chilled and mellow that it would make Snoop Lion think twice about he was smoking.

The resonant twang of a double bass and shuffling percussion pattern greet you with a warm embrace, whilst the remainder of the track delivers a master class in ambience. The iconic vocals echo and dissolve into the very fabric of the song and in no way, shape or form do any injustice to the original.

Words by Calum Mailer

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