Threads #1 – Paul Epworth

A complex and sometimes unexpected network of producers, cities, labels, studios et al connect the limitless world of music.
In this monthly series we explore the links between songs and artists beyond genre, decade or categories. We go deeper into who is behind the music, where it was recorded or the inspiration behind it. You might find some common threads that perhaps will surprise.
You’ve all heard Lorde, Paul McCartney and Foster The People. But perhaps you are more into Glass Animals, FKA Twigs or Friendly Fires?
Then you probably know Paul Epworth. Just not necessarily by name.
Epworth is the producer behind some of these artists’ work.  His unparalleled instinct for distilling the individual sound for each artist rather than using a production template, is what has made him one the most sought after producers in popular music today.
Coldplay and Babyshambles? Crystal Castles and Lana Del Rey? So different yet strangely alike, Epworth is the thread that connects these acts that you might never pronounce in the same sentence or see on the same festival line-up. From the glistening and polished Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine, to the driving energy of Bloc Party’s Banquet, to the rawness of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep. Who dares putting Adele’s voice behind a bass drum? Paul Epworth, that’s who.  And he who dares, wins.
Here is just a taste of Epworth’s long and winding music thread. 
Words by Irene Salamanca

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