Splendour in the Grass is finally here!

Hopefully by now you have got your self sorted with some idea on how you’re getting here, where you’re staying once you arrive and a physical or mental list of packed essential for the whole trip.

Things to consider before you leave:

  • Have you checked the weather? (jumpers, socks, sunscreen, towels, swimmers, poncho, gumboots, avalanche kit)
  • Do you have spare batteries? (torches, mp3 players, vibrators, whatever)
  • Made a Mixtape/playlist for the drive? (or just stream our music via Shuffle.FM)
  • Does your car actually work? (take it to a mechanic real quick)
  • Social necessities (lighters, condoms, baby wipes, glowsticks, chewing gum, cigarettes, sun glasses)
  • Plastic Bags (clean up after yourself, don’t be a grot)
  • Chairs or at least a rug of some kind (you will sit at camp more than you think)


Now, I know everyone is frothing at the gums to see the headliners such as Frank Ocean, Mumford and Sons, The National and Empire of the Sun, but to any body that has ever been to a festival, you know that seeing all the acts you want to see is a myth. You can carry a program and circle your favorites in an attempt but in reality you will become drunk, lose all your friends and end up seeing some one you’ve never heard of with new best friends. Alternatively, everything goes to plan and the act you want to see blows chunks and you have no contingency.

Luckily, Splendour in the Grass always produce a super impressive line up on all stages. One stage I highly suggest you meander to is the Red Bull Music Academy Stage (RBMA). As part of their 15th anniversary, RBMA are putting together a stellar lineup of acts over the course of the festival. Don’t worry about waiting for your favorite song, listening out for songs off the new album or being able to recite the whole discography because none of that bullshit matters. Comparatively one of the more smaller stages, the RBMA stage is all about showcasing good music from proper party-starters.

To all my beat junkies, stick your head into Onra‘s set on Friday. Onra is a German born, hip hop beat maker now residing in France who is a recent graduate of the RBMA with a double degree in cutting sick. Expect a very upbeat, dancy hour of madness.

If like me, you are a sucker for Oldschool house you must head over to see Maurice Fulton, who is praised as being “one of house music’s true originals” by none other that Resident Advisor. Very high likelyhood of vicious fist pumping and some dangerous shapes being cut up on the dance floor.

If you are looking to get in a bit of boogie time, head on Sunday and dance your funkin’ feet off to PELVIS – the Sydney based nu-disco party engineers. To any one who has seen these disco demons before you probably don’t need me to harp on about how exciting their sets are. Pelvis usually play to smaller stages so expect to get your disco sweats on close your fellow splendorians.

We have just jumped in the car, so our road trip starts now. See you in the thick of it.

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