Yolke – Real Memories EP

yolke - real memories

The ever-elusive Melbourne psychedelic/indie band Yolke released their latest EP Real Memories mid-last year. It’s pretty great.

Compared to their earlier, brighter, sparklier EP, Syrup, the Yolke four-piece have scaled back the glitter in Real Memories and returned to rougher territory, akin to their first EP, Poppywash. Nevertheless, their particular approach to wonkiness and dreaminess is still intact. It’s the kind of EP you play again immediately after it finishes.

Yolke fall under the experimental label Fallopian Tunes, who are now five years old. To commemorate their fifth birthday, Yolke is releasing all of their EPs for free for the next few days. Holy shit!

Peer into a live studio recording of the first track off the release, Waves.

, by Yolke

Words by Iain Excellent

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