Tei Shi – Bassically

Tei Shi Bassically

Ever since her hypnotic track Nevermind the End off last year’s Sausade EP, Tei Shi (aka Valerie Teicher) has had us contemplating identity theft. We could come to the table on the Brooklyn postcode quite happily and all that, but never could we emulate her simultaneously pretty and sexy-as-fuck vocals, her mesmerizing use of tempo and dark and dirty lashings of synth along subtle guitar rhythms. So dang, we were left with envy.

This week’s announcement of Tei Shi signing to Australia’s Caroline label and the release of new single Bassically had us in a little frenzy.  And she’s gone to the stratosphere with this gloriously captivating track. Who knew Teicher could ensorcell us further, but bewitch us she has. The world is a private dancefloor every time I hear these beats (maybe a bit like this slinky-person’s one), and I get a little higher as her vocals do. Argentine-born Teicher is one of the most exciting acts in that most energised of cities – New York – right now. She owns this track, and unlucky for us, her envious identity too.

Words by Katie Mayors

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