Teenage love reignited…

dino jr

Thankfully as a teenager, I liked grunge and drum and bass, rather than boy bands. It gives me great pleasure to see an old favourite, Dinosaur Jr, on their 3rd album since reforming in 2005.  They provided the soundtrack to many a bad hair style and outfit as an 11 year old, and Watch The Corners, proves they can do the same for me 20 years on.  Unaffected by changes in music production, they sound exactly the same. And I love them for it! The new album, I Bet On Sky, is out on September 18.


2 Responses to “Teenage love reignited…”

  1. Arnie says:

    Where You Been was one of my favourite albums ever!

    And “Freak Scene” off Fossils was my favourite song… “Seen enough to eye you, but I’ve seen too much to try you…” wasn’t THAT the truth of so many boys?

  2. repeatbutton says:

    Ha no way! Start Chopin’ was (is) one of my favourite tracks!

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