Secret Company – Saviour


The break-up; the tears, ripping photos, hopeless sobbing, toad eyes. So pointless when you think about how many times this happens in relationship careers. Saviour is the kind of self-indulgent track that would work so well in a  movie where the break-up has just happened – cue montage of sad clips, tear stained faces, long train journeys with rain on the windows…

Secret Company is an indie 4-piece from the UK. They’ve just released their debut EP and I’ve got to say, if I was of poster-on-wall-age, I’d have their publicity shot on my ceiling so I could perv my way to sleep. Saviour, their debut single is genuinely beautiful, comprised of lush synths, a steady bass line and gorgeous textures and percussion. The vocals of Scott Revell dance over the top promising to melt hearts along the way. But at only 2 minutes long, I’m left wanting/needing more!

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