Real Life Charm – Bring Me Love

real life

Whether we’re talking about the elusive magic of fairy tales, or the power of attraction,  this band stay true to their name. With ‘charm’ in immeasurable amounts, this 8-piece from Norwich have a spellbinding quality that is sure to enrapture all who hear them.

Right at the beginning of their musical trajectory, they’re setting the bench mark rather high with these debut tracks. Combining the alternative articulation of Alt-J,  early and awe-inspiring Arcade Fire, and the loveliness of Freelance Whales, Real Life Charm have a sound that will carry them very comfortably into their musical careers.

Bring Me Love, their third offering is their strongest track to date – what with it being the perfect alt-pop record ‘n all. Cascading instrumentation and melody, gorgeous vocals and lyrics and a warmth normally reserved for life’s most treasured moments, this is a truly lovely record.

Surely you’ll be hearing Real Life Charm on the radio soon!?


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