Pond – Xanman


Listening to Xanman is like jumping off a cliff into psychedelia, where flashing colours stream past, and layers upon layers of guitar jams surround you and draw you towards their audio gravity. It’s quite a feat to have multiple instruments creating a wall of sound, the separate parts of which are difficult to dissect, the whole of which sounds fucking rad. Somewhere in the middle of the freefall that is this track, there’s a cloud to slow your descent. It nurtures you for a few moments with it’s drug-lullaby feel, before spitting you back into psychadelia to continue the joyride.

When frontman Nick Allbrook quit Tame Impala (as bassist) a month ago, the fine print of every article was read by fans of Pond, making sure he was still going to lead what is one of the most exciting rock acts around today. And thank fuck he is.

Xanman is from Pond’s upcoming album Hobo Rocket, due for release through Modular on August 2nd (Aus) and August 5th (UK).

Words by Katie Mayors

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