Melody’s Echo Chamber – Endless Shore


If you dig 2012 super-psyche-stars, Tame Impala, and girlie vocals do special things to your special bits, then have a listen to Melody’s Echo Chamber. This album is a French-Aussie match made in an acid-soaked heaven. Kevin Parker, front-man // musical genius behind Tame Impala produced it. So drenched in his signature style, it sounds exactly like his band, but with a female vocalist. There’s so much reverb in here, you may well drown. But what a great way to go; death by reverb!

The album was released on Fat Possum records back in September, scoring a 7.4 on Pitchfork. In light of Tame Impala’s epic rise in popularity, I reckon Melody’s Echo Chamber’s status is about to start an upwards climb. Triple J are even featuring the album this week. Personally, I cannot get enough of psyche-rock-sound this summer, and it’s only a matter of time before my clothes turn tie-dye, adorned in mini bells so I jingle when I walk. ***Before you get too high, make sure you download the album from iTunes.

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