Martyna Baker – The Demos


When was the last time you came across an artist, listened to their music and fell hopelessly, helplessly in love with every single track you heard? Never? Yeah, same for me until today when a friend sent me a link to Martyna Baker. I’ve got me a girl-crush.

This 25 year old Londoner  is something very special. A complete package ready for the radio waves and she hasn’t yet been touched by a record label – but for how long?

Baker approaches songwriting with the dexterity of contortionist and the grace of floating silk. So consuming is her sound, her voice, her style, that it transcends the physical world. Perhaps because this girl armed with a guitar, has such a firm grasp on the soul and emotions, she connects with her audience so innately it’s like having a conversation with your oldest friend.  Honesty like this is rare. Talent, rarer still.

Identifying with society through powerful, poignant lyrics –  ‘Living life in technicolor, though honestly I feel paralysed.’ // ‘I’ll love you in pieces until the rest of me arrives’ – she is as much a lyricist as she is genre-surfer. Her journey through musical styles she does with with animal instinct.   From delicate break-up songs, to deep beats, to powerful pop-anthems, this girl just gets it on so many levels. Rather than a collection of songs that sound similar, safe, packaged, she has embraced her musical hopes and dreams and laid it all on the line. And boy does it work. No doubt she’ll woo fans of Welch and Winehouse, just as she will alternative crew.

You can download her songs for free at the moment and she tells me new material is on the way.

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