Montreal’s Mac DeMarco, the man who may have written the greatest love song of all time (that just happens to be dedicated to cigarettes), has released the first single from his upcoming Salad Days LP.

The Viceroy fiend posted an album promo with a trippy, slowed down version of his first single: Passing Out Pieces. The new singles shows a more vulnerable side of DeMarco as he effortlessly reveals his struggle with newly found fame. (“Seems that every time I turn, I’m passing out pieces of me”). In true DeMarco fashion, he manages to conceive a sweet, lo-fi track, with a 1970s familiarity, and inject it with understated pop. Dreary and melodic, it’s hard to believe that this is the same person who breaks into comedic renditions of everything from Takin’ Care of Business to Enter Sandman in his live shows.

Mac DeMarco’s third album, Salad Days, will be released on the 1st of April on Captured Tracks.

Words by: Naomi Jane

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