Local Natives – Breakers (Superhumanoids Remix)


If, like me, you damn near had to hold your nether bits to stop from peeing pure joy the first time you heard Breakers (and I’m sure that was lots of you), you probably at least got sweaty palms at news of a remix. And the delivery method was excitable, too. On their Facebook page, Local Natives proclaimed “well, we made it through the night, so decided to get you a ‘we didn’t die in the apocalypse, happy early Christmas’ gift”. And a gift it is.

Where the original Breakers rushes at you with a thick wall of sound, this Superhumanoids Remix is pared back, slower, somewhat more haunting. It seems intentionally so, with the addition of deep slow synth chords that bring the ominous quality, and add new meaning to the yearning lyrics “leave all the lights on”.

While the tempo changes a number of times during the song, and percussion and synth lines are added and taken away, a central beat remains, so never fear if swaying from side to side for full songs is your thing.

Superhumanoids bring electronic inclinations into the indie domain, and if this remix is anything to go by, a tour with their fellow LA group Local Natives in the US next year will be a treat. The tour will coincide with the release of Local Natives new album Hummingbirds, due out January 29.

Words – Katie Mayors


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