Figaro – Moving Slowly


God dang, this is some of the most infectious indie-folk-pop my toes have ever had the pleasure to tap to.

Figaro create the kind of music that connects instantly to grey matter that lurrrrves grooving sounds. From the first riffs of Moving Slowly it’s obvious this track was created to evoke a head full of fun. Think a bunch of kooky long haired hippies messing around on kids bikes, knees banging on handle bars, bouncing around on space hoppers.  Queen Mary even touches on funk with its bouncy bass line, and then the chorus which is screaming to be synced on some cool denim ad. Anyways. New favourite band fi shiz.

Whoever said keep it simple stupid must have been talking about music, ‘cos this minimal approach to indie is absolutely setting our  souls on fire and making our cheeks ache with smiles.

Download their album, Copake here.


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