Beach Fossils – Generational Synthetic


What is it about Brooklyn? Are they just breeding coolness over there, or are those with the indie muso gene also inbuilt with a specific magnet that draws them towards Williamsburg? *searches body for any protruding metal-like substance*

If you have any room in the corner of the page on which you’ve been making a list of hip Brooklyn bands, scribble this down: Beach Fossils. Sharing the same label (Captured Tracks) as artists like Wild Nothing and DIIV, this lo fi act sound like what would happen if The Drums started playing surf rock. I’m not quite sure where the beach is in New York City, but I don’t think that matters. Generational Synthetic makes you want to head for a smoky underground music venue anyway, and spin and dance through to a Brooklyn dawn.

This is the second single from their upcoming album Clash the Truth, due out February 19.

Words – Katie Mayors

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