AM & Shawn Lee – Two Times (Colorama Remix)


Ready for some new psychedelic jams? Come this way, all you have to do is take a step over the somewhat unfortunate (unnecessary?) Bon Jovi-by-way-of-Neil Young intro, and you will be rewarded with some big dirty 1970s-inspired riffs.

The simplicity of the lyrics is perfect for this chunky guitar-led track by AM & Shawn Lee, which starts with switching riffs, and works in hints of guitar solo towards the latter end of the song, but seamlessly so as not to interrupt the psychedelic flow, man.

US producer, musician and all-round maker of television songs (Friday Night Lights, Knight Rider, Keeping Up with the Kardashians – wait, what?) AM has teamed up with UK-based multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee for their second record, La Musique Numerique, which is out May 7. This remix is by indie pop group from Wales, Colorama.

Words by Katie Mayors

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