AELIUS – Echoes…


Woah. Seriously, wooooaaaah. Imagine what it would feel like if you suddenly figured out how to tap in to the 90% of your brain that supposedly lays dormant…

The drop at 2 minutes into Echoes… is precisely the kind of mass awakening I’m talking about. Sensory over-load. Body and mind wrestle in a metaphysical battle to make sense of just how monumental the impact of this track is.

Aelius is derived from the Greek word meaning Sun. So consider Aelius to be a giant life force; their energy providing immeasurable power over us as audience and instruments as weapons of emotion. Caught in the torrential post-rock downpour of Martin Roberts and Lee Tyler’s epic thrashing of guitars, synths and drums, you might find yourself having some kind of epiphany as you listen.

They’ll be playing in London soon. Don’t miss them.

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