The River and the Road – Separated Ways (One for the Road) feat. FOG

River and the Road

Was there a particular turning point in the recent history of culture collecting where we suddenly started craving hot dogs, corn dogs, fried chicken and ice-cream sundaes? Where deer heads got mounted and scruffy beards sprouted and we became whisky connoisseurs wearing flannel (sorry, plaid) shirts? Perhaps it cannot be pinpointed when this emergence of all things Americana happened, but goddamn I hope it stays.

With Separated Ways, The River and the Road have proven that they travel through this hybrid folk-country sound with skill, ease and a willingness to experiment. The banjo work by Canadian Keenan Lawler is skilful and works best when coupled with Australian singer/guitarist Andrew Phelan’s stylish electric guitar playing, but it’s the thrum of that all-in chanting that really makes the song come alive. It has you secretly craving to be among the tribe (which includes fellow British Columbia-based band FOG); and be clapping, raising glasses, stroking beards. You know, general jungle-folk band camaraderie.

Word on the street is The River and the Road’s recent Australian tour was somewhat epic, too.

Words by Katie Mayors

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