Superstar – Fine Wine


Fine Wine sounds like lots of romantic moments seeping out of an open bottle into a puddle on the floor. It is glistening morning sun reflecting through windows, mussy hair, entwined limbs, heavy eyelids, husky voices, flimsy fabric and wandering hands.

Self described as ‘elegant Australiana’, Superstar are a duo from Melbourne; Esther Edquist & Kieran Hegarty who produce music with a contemporary electronic, experimental sound but that relies inherently on its classical foundations.

Sometimes bright, sometimes ominous it’s soft and unassuming yet robust and richly textured.  Drawing influences from the dissonant, dagginess of Australian music the pair use an eclectic array of mediums  to create a sound that is sophisticated and nostalgic.

Superstar’s debut LP will be released in early 2013 through Bedroom Suck Records. Their live cassette The Softest Urge is available now through Night People.

Words – The Other Jess


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