Greywind – ‘Afterthoughts’

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 20.39.24

This is a very different post for Repeat Button.  We like quite a lot usually; electronic pop, indie bands, folk, chill wave, bass, ect, but we don’t tend to see an out & out punk rock project that really captures our attention.  Good music is just good music, right? This is the point where we need to introduce a young sibling duo from Ireland, Steph & Paul O’Sullivan, who go under the name of Greywind.  Our friends at Crack In The Road showed us the pair yesterday and we’ve seen a collection of crossover press already, and quite rightly so.  Their debut offering Afterthoughts shows raw potential.  Crashing drums & excellent riffs topped with a sweet vocal from Steph.  Who knows if they’ll one day rub shoulders with Paramore or a Biffy but it’s a bloody good starts..  Ears peeled onwards!

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