D.D Dumbo – Tropical Oceans


D.D Dumbo’s music is really a bit sticky; like a word with no nouns, or a sentence full of colourful, swirling adjectives. Categorised as Experimental Blues or Folk Fusion it’s reminiscent of a summer of love, daisy chains and nudie runs and floats somewhere between the realms of Indie and Psychedelic.

Tropical Oceans is magnificently glitchy, crackly and deconstructed but the strength and deepness of the vocals tie the whole thing together and give it some real guts. The backing sounds are so varied its like taking a stroll down a higgldy piggeldy laneway at a bazaar; an odd kinked guitar string here, tinkly Turkish coins there, a topsy-turvy pile of glittery fruit on the left and a snake charmer in the corner. It all bubbles and melds together seamlessly creating something quite special and undeniably  distinctive. Behind D.D Dumbo are Oliver Perry and Alexander Steiner from Castlemaine, Victoria and with such an innovative, gorgeous mess of sound to their name I think it’s likely that we see them on the Strawberry Fields line up this year. Til then, you can download the whole EP here.

Words – The Other Jess

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