Tom Day & Monsoonsiren – Elegiac

tom day

A game of Chinese whispers played by fairies, you’ll never be 100% sure what’s being said in the vocals Monsoonsiren or the creations of Tom Day. But that’s part of the magical charm of them. Breathless, husky tones thread themselves through beautiful melodies, as delicate as a dew drop on a blade of grass in the morning sun. The real mystery in Elegiac though, is how something so fragile can be so powerful.

Tom Day is from Melbourne and one of the artists showcasing their glorious experimentalism on the Zero Through Nine label. Building a reputation for lush cinematic soundscapes, universal beauty and a genius mind, it wasn’t until Day collaborated with Monsoonsiren (all the way from India), that his music literally found a voice.

These young men, born thousands of miles apart, in wildly different cultures come together in a union of musical understanding and harmony. I know nothing of their relationship, but if this debut EP is anything to go by, it sounds like these two souls have spent a lifetime together.

Download the EP here, and check out ESSÁY‘s remix below.


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