The Money Go Round & Wheat Fields

endless sun

While you’ve been busy at work, toiling away with spreadsheets using acronyms like KPI and CPU yadda yadda, the musical world has been licking on lollies laced with acid. Well, the musical world in the Australia anyways. You noticed how popular Tame Impala were last year right? Well it seems like a psychedelic trend is sweeping through the land of dingoes and kangaroos, threatening to take over the world. But it would it be such a bad thing if people with long tousled hair, baggy clothes and a super laid back attitude landed the pilot seat of this planet? Nope. It would be a damn sight better and infinitely more entertaining.

Here’a a couple of newbies on the psyche-block, Down Under.

The Money Go Round are a 5-piece from Sydney and they make music to pass sunny days by. Sounds from a simpler time, but not created by simpler minds. Think lens flares, roller skates, climbing trees, leap frog in high grass meadows; life with no worries.

Taking a down a notch, Wheat Fields are fuzzier, woozier, more drenched in reverb. But Wheat Fields will be the first to tell you they conceived the idea for the band and the track name while off their teenage faces on psychedelics. No strangers to law breaking, it sounds like this band from The Blue Mountains know how to have a bloody good time – but they must stay straight and sober sometimes because their song composition is nothing short of inspiring. Grab their EP via Octopus π on Bandcamp.

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