Max Frost – White Lies


Someone please, give me a good hiding!  I deserve it. I missed Max Frost at SXSW and now I need some therapy to get over it…

Max Frost is a solo artist from Austin, and you can hear the ‘oddness’ his hometown is renown for in his sound. I’d rather I didn’t know he is a chisel jawed hottie, and go with my imagination instead…

He covers so many genres, he’s a singing contradiction; a soul man who wears a suit lined with the sequins of a disco king. A pimp who wants nothing more than to love you.  A cigar smoker who sings in an octave normally reserved for choir boys whose balls  have yet to drop. In my warped little mind there’s some kind of cross over with Christopher Walkden in that Fat Boy Slim vid and Electric Guest. (Max, this is a compliment you kooky boy!)

I guess what I’m trying to say, this man has character. The magnetic kind you get jealous of in others as it highlights your own shortcomings.

A toe-tappin’, lip-smackin’, skirt twirlin’ fusion of funk, soul and retro sounds.


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